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Cambridge Structural Database System

This is the Cambridge Structural Database (CSD) System software distribution site for the following UC campuses: Berkeley and LBNL, Los Angeles, Riverside, San Diego, and Santa Cruz. Questions regarding access to CSD software should be directed to UC campus contacts.

Select your campus below to obtain 2024 site codes and activation keys that will be needed to register the product after it is installed.

UPDATE for 2024! The latest version (as of January 2, 2024) of CSD 2023.3 is now available. To download it, go to and enter your email, customer number, and activation key, which you can access by selecting your campus from the list above. You will receive an email message from CCDC Sales Operations with links to all available download files. You can start by downloading CSD Portfolio Online Installer for your operating system. It is a small file and should download very quickly. Running the installer will download core packages and perform the actual installation on your system. The whole process may take several hours.

Please read before downloading and using the Cambridge Structural Database

The CSD (Cambridge Structural Database) and CSD System (including downloaded data, manuals, results, and printed products) shall be used exclusively for the purpose of scientific teaching and research, which may include research such as for example, into drug development or drug modifications capable of commercial exploitation. The results of such research may be published through the normal academic channels, subject to the inclusion of a proper acknowledgment to the CCDC (Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre).

Acknowledgments: The following references should be quoted in all publications. Please follow the formatting as prescribed by your citation style.

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