California Digital Library

Cambridge Structural Database Campus Contacts

Questions regarding access to CSD should be directed to the Campus Contacts below.

Participating Campuses

UC San Diego
Teri Vogel, CDL Resource Liaison for CSD
Voice: (858) 534-1216

UC Berkeley
Nicholas Dehler

Sam Teplitzky

UC Los Angeles
Jason Burton
Voice: (310) 825-0190

UC Riverside
Michele Potter
Voice: (951) 827-2975

UC Santa Cruz
Christy Caldwell
Voice: (831) 459-1287

Non-participating Campuses

UC Davis
Cory Craig
Voice: (530) 752-0347

UC Irvine
Mitchell Brown
Voice: (949) 824-9732

UC Merced
Jim Dooley
Voice: (209) 658-7161

UC Santa Barbara
Chuck Huber
Voice: (805) 893-2762

UC San Francisco
David Owen
Voice: (415)476-3760

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