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CrossFire Campus Contacts

Questions regarding access to CrossFire should be directed to the Campus Contacts below.

UC Santa Barbara
Chuck Huber, CDL Resource Liaison for MDL/Crossfire
Voice: (805) 893-2762

UC Berkeley
Kristen Greenland
Voice: (510) 664-4589

UC Davis
Cory Craig
Voice: (530) 752-0347

UC Irvine
Mitchell Brown
Voice: (949) 824-9732

UC Los Angeles
Courtney Hoffner
Voice: (310) 825-0190

UC Merced
Jim Dooley
Voice: (209) 658-7161

UC Riverside
Julie Mason
Voice: (951) 827-2817

UC Santa Cruz
Christy Hightower
Voice: (831) 459-4708

UC San Diego
Teri Vogel
Voice: (858) 534-1216

UC San Francisco
David Owen
Voice: (415)476-3760

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