OriginPro 9.1 Installation Instructions

Please note that you need to be connected to the Department networks or to the VPN in order to use this software.

  1. Download Origin91SR1Setup.exe (580MB) to your Windows computer.
  2. Double click the Origin91SR1Setup.exe to begin installation.
  3. During installation the setup program will ask you to accept the license agreement and select licenced install. On Customer Information window Enter your full name in the Username: field; enter UCLA in the Company Name: field; enter GF3S4-3089-7903912 in the Serial number: field.
  4. Accept the default answers and click Next, Yes, or Ok until you get to the last window of the installation process. Click Finish.
  5. From the Start menu select Programs, then Origin Lab, then Origin 9.1, then Origin Pro 9.1.
  6. A license Information window will pop up and ask for Flexlm server address and the TCP/IP port to use for authentication. Enter in the FlexLm server: field and 27003 in the TCP/IP port: field and click Update.
You are now ready to use OriginPro.